Rose Marie Cromwell

Photographer and Artist based in Miami


El Libro Subremo de la Suerte
IMAIM (in progress)
Building a Diablo (in progress)
King of Fish
The Indelible Mark of Purity


Alma de Guerrero
True Stories of Arrimadero

Comissioned Stories

Havana, Resisting Still for VSCO
God is From Colon for Harper's Magazine
Miami Babies for the FADER
The Missing Monarch for Vice
Poisoning the River of Grass for The Intercept
El Bloqueo for Harper's Magazine
Avenida Central for The Look, New York Times
Planned Parenthood for Allure
Rhythm in their Blood, Cuban Music for Pitchfork
The Big Dig for California Sunday
Blooms for Vice

Portraits of Artists



Rose is based in Miami.  She is currently in Brazil.

Upcoming Travel:

November: Brazil
November 26th: Miami
USA: +001 (347) 817-9800
Panama: +011 (507) 6484-3922
Cuba: +011 (53) 5511-5343
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or for commissions:

Tom Claxton/Webber Represents
+001 212 343 7491