Our collaborative work “Dearest” explores female friendship. We create video performances in which we reenact adolescent rituals. We both recall the importance of these acts. We remember becoming blood sisters with our childhood friends, combing our friends’ hair, or exchanging secret codes in made­up languages. We are interested in examining and celebrating these rituals, and creating our own discourse about the intimate trust between two female adult friends.

As women in our early 30’s, do these juvenile rituals still serve a purpose? What we still have in common is a shared experience of our bodies changing, as we did with our adolescent friends. What rituals can we create to mark this period of our lives? In addition, as two women using media to express closeness, we cannot ignore media representations of female relationships. Our bodies are constantly sexualized and fetishized especially when in close proximity. How can we explore our own closeness in an authentic manner, while also acknowledging that we might repeat these fetishised representations of women? These are the questions that we’re eager to answer through our collaborative process.
— Rose Marie Cromwell and Elif Yöney